Rumbling Radials

The Sound of Airshows

Expediter Beech 18 "Canadian Queen"

Experience the unique twin-engine rumble of this timeless RCAF trainer as it graces the skies with its silver splender.

Photo Ship/

2 removable doorways allow clear shots from both sides of the aircraft.

Skydiver platform/Circle the Jumpers/

The perfect jump platform for dropping 5+ jumpers, and it can circle the canopies to the ground!

Twin Radial Smoke and Noise/

Nothing can beat the smokey twin P&W R-985 Junior Wasps breaking the sound barrier with Hanilton Standard 2 Bladed propellers.

/Flight Experience

Tickets for 5 please? This executive transport airplane provides comfy seats, big windows and plenty of vintage wonder.

/Static Display

A beautiful, timeless showpiece bound to grab the attention of your audience.

Stearman 3NM

This vintage biplane carries barnstorming flair wherever it goes! Powered by a Lycomming R680 9 cylinder radial engine this biplane has some bark and plenty of smoke and stage presence.

Barnstormer Aerobatics

Graceful, barnstormer-esc aerobatics performed entirely at show center

Open-Cockpit Flight Experience

The wind in your hair, and smoke up your nose! Give the true barnstormer experience in a 1940's Biplane.

Static Display

Nothing screams aviation like a classic biplane. Get up and close to true history.

Harvard Mk.II (T6)

Nothing rumbles more than a Harvard! 600HP spins the 9ft metal prop faster than the speed of sound, making experince you can feel just as much as you hear.

Solo Aerobatics

Watch the harvard soar high into loops and rolls.

Flight Experience

Experience the rumble with a ride in the back of this classic warbird.

Static Display

Bright yellow is surely an attention-grabber.

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